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The AI World Forum is part of an educational conference series organized by the Digital Finance Institute, a think tank for FinTech, AI and Blockchain. Interested in what we are doing and how you can get involved?

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The Digital Finance Institute is a think tank covering the nexus between FinTech, financial innovation, AI, financial regulation and financial inclusion. We represent a strategic link in digital finance between the financial services industry, NGOs, academia, financial regulators and policy makers to promote financial innovation and vibrancy through thought leadership, engagement, advocacy, research and education.

Our mandate is to develop partnerships, support research, participate in emerging digital finance market areas, including climate finance and artificial intelligence for digital finance. We are here to support growth and diversity in the FinTech and AI, with a goal of building a community that is vibrant and inclusive, and supportive of startups, in a manner that involves all stakeholders and provides networking and educational opportunities for participants.

Part of the way we are building a national FinTech and AI community is by convening national FinTech and AI conferences, launching the first FinTech & AI Awards in Canada in the Fall of 2015 and helping to establish a FinTech Association.

We also participate work with other research institutes to release publications and reports on the latest developments in FinTech & AI.

Upcoming Events

Don’t miss some of our flagship events for your chance to meet the FinTech & AI Community!

FinTech Canada Conferece

Learn more about the FinTech Canada Conference

FinTech & AI Awards

FinTech & AI Awards

Learn more about the FinTech & AI Awards