Erica Lee

Tech Lead for AI Research & Tools,

Erica Lee is a Korean American entrepreneur with a passion for advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve global problems. Erica is the CEO & Founder of DeepFarm, an AI Agriculture Tech, Angel-Funded Startup using Deep Learning & Aerial Imaging (via satellites, drones) for early detection of crop issues. She is the former CEO & Founder of AstrX, an SaaS automation consulting firm specializing in automated Marketing and Sales campaigns she bootstrapped & scaled to six-figures within a year. Before entrepreneurship, Erica worked as a Program Manager of an 8-Figure Ecommerce Startup where she managed the development and launch of 30+ amazing products and saw 2-3X in company revenue growth, Stem Cell Researcher at Harvard School of Public Health & Johns Hopkins, and Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. She’s a college dropout from Johns Hopkins University in Applied Math & Chemical Engineering.