Jean Baptiste Passot

VP Platform & AI,
Brain Corp.

Jean-Baptiste Passot is the Vice President of Platform and AI. He started his career at Brain Corporation in 2012 with the development of biologically-inspired control algorithms. Today his role extends to the oversight of the AI and platform division. He is leading the development of BrainOS — the next generation operating system for mobile robots — together with the research activities for future autonomous navigation system. Prior to joining Brain, Jean-Baptiste was a PhD student and research assistant at CNRS in Paris, France.  He holds a PhD in Computational Science from the University Pierre and Marie Currie, as well as a Master’s in Research from the University Paris X1 in Orsay, France. Jean-Baptiste holds 25 patents including patents in trainable modular robotic methods and predictive robotic methods, as well as predictive robotic controller apparatuses and methods. He is a current member of the Society for Neuroscience.