Melissa McSherry

SVP Global Head of Data Products,

Melissa McSherry joined Visa in 2016.  The Global Data Products team serves Visa clients and partners globally with predictive models and benchmarking to drive customer engagement, underwriting, and marketing effectiveness.  The team is especially focused on making data responsibly available where and when our clients need it – through APIs, web applications, and execution engines.   

Prior to Visa, Ms. McSherry spent 12 years at Capital One where she managed Subprime Acquisitions, Decision Sciences, and Marketing and Credit for cobrand and private label partnerships. While at Capital One, her teams delivered 3x growth in internet originations and loan growth from $30M to $25Bn through partnerships.  Prior to Capital One, she was a Vice President of Product Marketing at a technology start up. Ms. McSherry has spoken internationally on data science in business applications and women in data science and technology. She holds an MBA from Stanford and a BA from Harvard.