Peter Suma

Chairman & Co-CEO,
Applied Brain Research

Peter is Chairman and co-CEO of Applied Brain Research Inc. (ABR), a company he co-founded with Dr. Chris Eliasmith and a team of the brightest scientific minds in Canadian artificial intelligence and neuroscience from the University of Waterloo. ABR has built the world’s largest, functioning model of the human brain, Spaun (Science 2012) and is the developer of Nengo, the neural engineering environment for building neuromorphic AI’s. Nengo is partnered with Intel on developing the software for its newest research chip, Loihi. Nengo moves intelligence from the cloud to the edge of the network enabling real-time monitoring, prediction and control applications in healthcare, defense, smartphones, robotics, drones and self-driving cars. Nengo enables a better, faster, lower-power generation of ‘brains’ for our devices and environments.