Sergio Santos

Co-Founder & CTO,
Future Synthesis

Dr Santos is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Future Synthesis AS, a company dedicated to AI, Data Analysis, Alternative Energies and IoT. Dr. Santos is the proponent of the Neuman Project, a project dealing with the human mind and the interface between metaphysics and the positive sciences. He has further proposed a model to simulate emotional and physiological human interactions. His recent book “The Fabric of Consciousness” discusses the pre-ontological, yet not ontical, structure of the mind by invoking what language itself has to say about consciousness and the mind. Dr Santos holds Degrees in Engineering, Teaching, Nano and Biotechnology from the Polytechnical University of Barcelona, the University of Wales, Manchester University, Sheffield University and Leeds University. He has been a Research Scientist from 2011 to 2017 publishing over 50 research papers and several book chapters in the fields of Nanotechnology, nanoscale energy flow and at the intersection between Machine Learning and Materials Science. Most of his research has involved modelling, data processing and computational simulations of novel and complex physical phenomena such as DNA-protein interactions and nanoscale energy flow between mesoscale and nanoscale systems. Dr Santos has been awarded the Juan de la Cierva and Marie Curie fellowships by the Spanish Ministry of Education and the European Commission for projects involving the nanoscale physics of neurons, antibiotics, epigenetics and structural biology.