Yves Jacquier

Executive Director of Production Studios Services,
Ubisoft Montreal

Since he started at Ubisoft in 2004, Yves Jacquier has filled many different positions related with the fast growth of the Studio—first heading Online Services then IT. In 2008, Yves was put in charge of developing the Production Services Studios and making them the best of the industry. He led transformative activities such as performance capture, biometrics and telemetry.

In addition to the development of Production Services, Yves designed an academic R&D strategy with two significant milestones—the creation of a chair in Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) in 2011, and in 2016, founded the gaming industry’s first Lab dedicated to the application of academic research: Ubisoft La Forge

Since his start as an electronics engineer in the health sector, then in particle physics, Yves has developed a solid expertise in technical innovation. He was previously been a project manager for telecoms and a research engineer at CERN (Conseil Européen de la Recherche Nucléaire) on the ATLAS experiment.

Yves is a member of the board and scientific counsellor of CDRIN (Centre de Développement et de Recherche en Imagerie Numérique) and an enthusiastic scientific communicator for Ubisoft.