Inmar Givoni-Square
Inmar Givoni
Senior Engineering Manager, Uber ATG
Sanja Fidler
Director of AI, NVIDIA
Ellis Odynn
Chief AI Officer, Digital Finance Institute
Sarah Siu
Sarah Siu
Data Science Lead, Shopify
Chiel Hendriks
Chiel Hendriks
Business Development & Strategy Lead, Google Cloud
Deborah Raji-Square
Deborah Raji
Mentee, Google AI
Jordi Torras-Square
Jordi Torras
Co-Founder & CEO, Inbenta
Melissa McSherry-Square
Melissa McSherry
SVP Global Head of Data Products, Visa
Yves Jacquier-Square
Yves Jacquier
Executive Director of Production Studios Services, Ubisoft Montreal
Robert Barton-Square
Robert Barton
Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco
James Bradshaw
James Bradshaw
Banking Reporter, The Globe and Mail
Carolina Bessega-Square
Carolina Bessega
Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder, Stradigi AI
Carol Wilding
President & Chief Executive Officer, CPA Ontario
Curt Hopkins-Square
Curt Hopkins
Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs, and Staff Writer, HPE
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Stanislaw Schmal
Senior Consultant Business Analytics, Lufthansa Industry Solutions
Laura Mingail-Square
Laura Mingail
Senior Director, Marketing & Business Development, Secret Location
Devin Singh-Square
Devin Singh
Staff Physician, Physician Lead for Clinical AI & Data Science for Emergency Medicine, SickKids
Terry Boyland-Square
Terry Boyland
Jenny Lin-Square
Jenny Lin
VP Business Financial Services T&O, RBC
Sarmad Ibrahim-Square
Sarmad Ibrahim
Senior Cloud Architect, IBM
Benji Sucher Headshot
Benji Sucher
VP & COO, Layer 6 AI, TD Brank Group
Sanjay Srivastava-Square
Sanjay Srivastava
SVP & Chief Digital Officer, Genpact
Gary Kearns
President & CEO, Growth Analytics LLC
Khalid Al-Kofahi-Square
Khalid Al-Kofahi
VP of Research & Development, Thomson Reuters
Dornoosh Zonoobi-Square
Dornoosh Zonoobi
Co-Founder & CEO, Medo AI
Nabil Zoldjalali-Square
Nabil Zoldjalali
Senior Cyber Security Technology Manager, Darktrace
Megh Gupta-Square
Megh Gupta
Head of Strategy and Corporate Development, Element AI
Michael Brett-Square
Michael Brett
CEO, QxBranch
Jean Baptiste Passot-Square
Jean Baptiste Passot
VP Platform & AI, Brain Corp.
Natasha Puri-Square
Natasha Puri
Marketing Strategist & External Affairs Manager, Cyclica
SebastienGendron 2
Sebastien Gendron
CO-Founder & CEO, TransPod Inc.
Ken Sills-Square
Ken Sills
CEO & Co-Founder, Preteckt
Anna Ansel-Square
Anna Ansel
MD Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, provenio ag
Steve Irvine-Square
Steve Irvine
Founder & CEO, Integrate AI
Trishala Pillai-Square
Trishala Pillai
Partnerships Manager, Myplanet
Nargiz Mammadova-Square
Nargiz Mammadova
Co-founder & CEO, Destin AI
Steven Kuyan
Managing Director, NYU Tandon FutureLabs
Michael Thomson-Square
Michael Thomson
Vice President, Technology Sector Lead, Edelman Canada
Carlo Dal Mutto
CTO, Aquifi
Eric Dahan-Square
Eric Dahan
CEO & Co-Founder, Open Influence
Fatima Zaidi-Square
Fatima Zaidi
VP of Business Development, Eighty Eight Agency
George Cernile Square
George Cernile
VP Engineering AI/NLP, AIM
Christine Duhaime
CEO, Digital Finance Institute
Jason Braverman-Square
Jason Braverman
Chief Technology Officer, SkyX Systems
Manir Al Faisal-Square
Manir Al-Faisal
Product Applications Engineer, Shelley Automation
Sergio Santos-Square
Sergio Santos
Co-founder and CTO, Future Synthesis
Rita Ciaravino-Square
Rita Ciaravino
Former Lead Engineer, Cruise Automation
Matt Siemiatycki-Square
Matti Siemiatycki
Interim Director, School of Cities, University of Toronto
Peter Suma-Square
Peter Suma
Chairman & Co-CEO, Applied Brain Research
Jeff Zakrzewski-Square
Jeff Zakrzewski
Head of Growth Engineering, Ritual
Anjalee Narenthiren-Square
Anjalee Narenthiren
Founder & CEO, TechExplore
Pietro Gagliano-Square
Pietro Gagliano
Founder & Creative Director, Transitional Forms
Brian Carpenter-Square
Brian Carpenter
AI Technology Evangelist, Pure Storage
Terry Hickey-Square
Terry Hickey
Chief Analytics Officer, CIBC
Chris Reynolds - Headshot 2
Christopher Reynolds
Business Reporter, The Canadian Press