Jason Braverman

Chief Technology Officer,
SkyX Systems
Mr. Braverman is a veteran of the technology industry, with specializations in Computer Science, Data Security, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Robotics. Prior to joining SkyX, Mr. Braverman was one of the key originators of VeridiumID, which focused on developing Biometric Security focused technologies for various industries, and during that time, helped author the IEEE 2410 Biometric Open Protocol Standard as well as numerous patents in the area of Biometrics and Access Control for financial institutions. Mr. Braverman is a strategically focused technology visionary offering proven success in planning, designing, building, and innovating next generation technologies. Resource of choice for resolving complex technical challenges during enterprise systems integrations. Highly effective serving as organizational bridge between business and technical organization for problem-solving, future technology planning, and continuing performance improvement. Well versed in organizational information security, administration policy creation, and full life cycle project management. Skilled manager to onshore and offshore staff.
Currently at SkyX, Mr. Braverman leads the effort to continue development of the worlds most advanced fully autonomous aerial vehicle for long range commercial use cases, integrating AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data to provide access to data which was inaccessible prior to SkyX.