Ken Sills

CEO & Co-Founder,
Ken Sills is the CEO and co-founder of Preteckt, a Memphis-based technology startup that uses machine learning to predict maintenance issues in vehicles weeks before they cause downtime. Since developing the initial prototype of this hardware/software solution in 2015, Ken has been focused on building Preteckt’s team of engineers, scientists, business developers, and sales professionals so that the automotive industry can benefit from Vehicle Prognostics as a Service.
Ken has over two decades of R&D experience creating solutions that couple hardware, software, and data science. His diverse background often provides a outsiders perspective on problems, allowing him to craft solutions that apply tool sets from many seemingly independent fields of research. Skills honed in Computational Astrophysics that provide a unique advantage in Machine Vision. Skills honed in Continuous Emission Tomography that allow for improved Data Visualization in the trucking industry. Teaching skills developed as a Professor of Physics that map directly onto the role of chief product evangelist.
Ken’s work has been published in books and in peer-reviewed journals, and hardware and software that he has developed is deployed around the world.