When I initially uncovered the Shakti mat, an acupressure mat developed to heighten the intensity of meditations whilst at the same time lessening the severity of various ailments, I acknowledge that I was a minimal doubtful about it is statements.

Mediation is a blissful expertise necessitating very little a lot more than a nonetheless brain. Why use a gadget like the Shakti mat? Can I really meditate on a bed of nails?

The straightforward respond to is certainly. This minor acupressure mat is an really highly effective meditative device. I am addicted to it now, especially at evening to be certain I get a great evenings rest. A nagging ache in my hip that experienced me tossing and turning most nights has become a distant memory, many thanks no doubt to the suffering relieving attributes of my nightly acupressure mat periods.

The Shakti mat is protected with tiny lotus-flower formed acupressure details providing in excess of 6,000 ‘nails’ that stimulate the meridians, releasing energy and lulling you into a point out of leisure. Even busy, buzzy over-lively minds will be stilled by a 20 minute session on one particular of these mats. Your brain has no choice but to gradual down, there are larger energies at do the job below.

As you lie down on to the Shakti mat, the feeling can be a little odd. The mystery is to lie straight down on to it and not to hesitate – it is the hesitant touches of the spikes that come to feel awkward. The moment the acupressure mat is keeping your bodyweight evenly there is no pain, in its place there is a very exceptional feeling of warmth.

In a minute of lying down absolutely on my Shakti Mat, I felt a warm tingling sensation spread throughout my again. The for a longer period I stayed there, the even further the sensation unfold. Soon after ten minutes, I could even feel it in my fingertips. The heat felt as even though it have been pulsating, relocating all over beneath my skin. It seems unusual but in fact it can be extremely comforting, to me it felt reassuring and I couldn’t aid but take it easy far more deeply.

This warmth is electricity releasing as your meridians are stimulated by get hold of with the spikes of the Acupressure Mat , delicate energies in just the meridians rebalancing as you rest.

With each breath, I felt myself melt further on to the Shakti mat. As I lay there supported by in excess of 6,000 sharp small spikes, I found that I failed to require to use any of my regular tips to enter a meditative point out. It just happened.

There was no need to have to consciously press my ideas away, no systematic scan of the body to make sure that each and every minimal bit of me was calm. I only focused on the warmth and by natural means, instinctively, entered into my meditative zone with ease.

The sensation of quiet that can be knowledgeable while meditating on the Shakti mat is divine. The electricity of acupressure merged with the act of meditation would make for a really heightened mediative point out. As the delicate energies are stimulated, the head stills additional enabling you to achieve a larger stage of consciousness although meditating.

If you might be seeking to deepen your meditations then glimpse no additional than this minor acupressure mat. The Shakti mat, as an support to meditation, is an absolute gem.

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