Medical Tourism – Most Popular Destinations

Medical tourism has been growing for more than a decade. It began with people choosing cosmetic surgery abroad in search for better prices and anonymity. Since then, it has moved inevitably into the non-cosmetic area. Patients from various regions of the world now travel for orthopedic and heart surgery, dentistry, hernias, cataracts and almost any […]

India as a Healthcare Tourism Spot

This posting solutions all these queries buzzing in your head with insightful, valuable and up-to-date health care tourism information and facts relevant to India! India has rapid emerged as the desired option of a lot of international sufferers searching for top quality, timely and qualified well being care companies and wellness applications with affordable solutions […]

India as a Medical Tourism Destination

This article answers all these questions buzzing in your head with insightful, helpful and up-to-date medical tourism information relevant to India! India has fast emerged as the preferred choice of many foreign patients looking for quality, timely and professional health care services and wellness programs with affordable options offered to them from the leading hospitals […]