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Maintain your health so that your community may continue to thrive. Wellness for the purpose of accomplishing more together.

Award Winning Health & Wellbeing Experts

We have an influence on the emotional, physical, social, and financial health of all different kinds of organisations via the use of Health Psychology, evidence-based initiatives, and a person-centered approach. Hero utilises the most recent findings in the field of behaviour change science to support well-being, communication, engagement, and culture through a single, convenient health hub, our award-winning Navigator platform and app. This hub is powered by the combination of technology and expertise from the fields of health and elite sports.

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The purpose of the Ai World Forum is to assist you, your community, or your corporation in locating the equilibrium that is necessary to realise your ambitions. To assist you in becoming healthier, more powerful, and happier individuals Ai World Forum develops a unique method that makes use of cutting-edge and user-friendly technologies.

Our Services

Mental Health

Our specialist coaches deliver CPD-accredited training for managers and teams to enhance mental health and spot indicators in others. We’re partners.

Social Health

Create online challenges to foster teamwork! Compete in step challenges, exercise challenges, and sleep challenges, among others.

Physical Health

Our Navigator technology enables you to measure physical activity, establish customised dietary goals, adhere to sports-specific exercise regimens for all levels, and participate in a variety of virtual fitness classes like HIIT, yoga, and more.

Financial Wellness

Looking for assistance with finances at various phases of life? Our variety of financial wellness programmes might also be of use.

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